You've been invited to a dinner party at home of Mr. Boop and his wife, Betty Boop. Use the mouse to point-and-click your way through this adventure!

Based on my comic. Mr. Boop:

[NOTE: The game may take a brief moment to load.]

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
AuthorAlec Robbins
GenreVisual Novel
Made withConstruct
Tagsbetty-boop, boop, Low-poly, mr-boop, Point & Click, Romance


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good, but there should be a fullscreen option. ok listen i know that the original mr. boop comic ended 2 years ago but atleast update this game so that theres a fullscreen option.




thanks for the threesome mr. robbins-- err, Alec, I mean. we're probably close enough now to be on a first name basis, right? *blushes sexily, tucks hair behind ear* ... what? a hickey trail down my neck? oh, yeah.. i guess it got prettttty crazy last night. heh heh heh. do i want my underwear back? oh, no - keep them, i insist! you look great in them. well, i guess this is goodbye... *falls down your stairs like peter griffin* ooogh


Absolutely delighted that I played this game and had the opportunity to have a threesome with Alec and his wife, Betty Boop.

good game

Love this. Game of the year


Found the bad ending, should've stayed content with the good one ;-;


help. where is it. ive spent days trying to find it. but i just keep having sex with betty boop


Once you get the bra you go the dinning room and use the to break the window.

It's really cruel of you to let this kind of information out. Nobody in their right mind would use it, but some poor, misguided soul is gonna miss out on a threesome with Alec Boop and his insanely hot wife Betty Boop because of your choices


I've played this game so many times and still have no clue WHAT the bad ending is or HOW I get it and it physically hurts me


Once you get the bra you go the dinning room and use the to break the window.


i hope this doesnt awaken something within me


So, there's a good ending and a bad ending, but is there a true ending?


True ending is where your upper body escapes but your lower body goes upstairs for the two-and-a-halfsome.


this was the best game I've ever played. my life was never whole until I played this game. god looks down on this and smiles.

Locked in your house, monster.


well that was the best damn night of my life


Truly your magnum opus


I apologize for not having a threesome with you and your wife Betty Boop.


Thank you so much Alec for letting me have a threesome with you and your wife Betty Boop.


Fantastic. Truly felt like I, too, was married to your wife, Betty Boop.


Reported. Only Alec is married to Betty Boop.