You've been invited to a dinner party at home of Mr. Boop and his wife, Betty Boop. Use the mouse to point-and-click your way through this adventure!

Based on my comic. Mr. Boop:

[NOTE: The game may take a brief moment to load.]


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Found the bad ending, should've stayed content with the good one ;-;

help. where is it. ive spent days trying to find it. but i just keep having sex with betty boop

I've played this game so many times and still have no clue WHAT the bad ending is or HOW I get it and it physically hurts me

i hope this doesnt awaken something within me


So, there's a good ending and a bad ending, but is there a true ending?

True ending is where your upper body escapes but your lower body goes upstairs for the two-and-a-halfsome.


this was the best game I've ever played. my life was never whole until I played this game. god looks down on this and smiles.

Locked in your house, monster.


well that was the best damn night of my life

Truly your magnum opus


I apologize for not having a threesome with you and your wife Betty Boop.


Thank you so much Alec for letting me have a threesome with you and your wife Betty Boop.


Fantastic. Truly felt like I, too, was married to your wife, Betty Boop.


Reported. Only Alec is married to Betty Boop.